Emergent World

Emergent World is the virtual label under which I release some, but not nearly all, of my music.

Several outstanding labels have honored me in the past by releasing my music, including Buddhist on Fire, Dark Duck, Tree Trunk, Ambient Collective, Just Not Normal, and many others, of course including Earth Mantra. And I will continue to release music through other labels, as I love being part of the ambient music community and want to keep supporting it.

But sometimes, for whatever reason, I have a release that I'd like to keep closer to home. In the past, I used Earth Mantra as the home base for much of my music, perhaps sometimes to the detriment of that particular collection. However, going forward, I will use the name Emergent World to refer to that music I release under my own imprint.

Emergent World can always be found at emergentworld.org.

Emergent World Discography